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What to Look for in Turf

Face Weight

The face weight is how much the yarn weighs per square yard not including the backing or the infill (yarn only). This measurement tells you how much product you are getting for your money and how dense the finished product will look. Every ounce makes quite a difference especially when comparing between similar blade types such as slit film or monofilament.


It is very important to install a quality product. Be sure to compare and ask about face weights, blade types, backings and warranties. Warranties are specifically important because properties in the yarns dictate the length of the warranty.

Use the Appropriate Style

Many Synthetic Turf applications are installed with generic styles of turf due to an assumption that all turf is the same or a limited variety is offered. Very low activity areas need to address quality, density and aesthetics where as areas with a mid-level activity or more should have a thatch product with a high density installed. A high density thatch based product significantly recovers better during activity and grooming.


Not all installations are the same! Installation quality is very important for aesthetics and longevity. How the sub-surface is sculpted, the edges are addressed, how the product is secured... These are some of the issues. If you are unsure take time and look at installs.

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Cleaning Artificial Turf

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Environmentally Friendly

HomeTurf provides an artificial grass alternative choice to natural grass and their environmental costs.

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Hypoallergenic Artificial Turf

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Artificial Pet Turf

Provides pet owners the luxury of beautiful artificial grass every day! No yellowing, no burning, little maintenance.

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