Turf Maintenance


Is there anything special required to host non-sports events for synthetic turf and natural turfgrass, and how will the special event affect the warranty?
These events could include:

• concerts

• graduations

• fireworks

• overflow parking

Care must be taken to protect each type of field surface. Typically, a sports turf manager will place a protective covering over the turf and will develop a plan to safeguard the turf during the event. Types of materials that should be considered to protect the field surfaces for staging and roadways are:

Set up for a concert showing field protective coverings.

• 3⁄4 inch plywood (may require multiple layers)

• Pre-manufactured road mat; and

• Geo-textile blanket.

Other materials are available for flooring protection under the staging and for the seating areas. These products should be investigated to find the one that best suits the event situation. The use of these additional materials to host such events should be taken into consideration and incorporated into the overall cost to produce the event.

Synthetic turf

Concerns from these events are: • burns from fireworks, cigars and cigarettes • surface contamination (debris) • security • weight of materials (staging) if not properly designed and planned for may result
in damage to the grade.

Flooring that is more specialized for seating may be necessary for certain events (graduation and concerts). Warranties should be reviewed prior to holding an event.

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