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Artificial Turf Lawn

Artificial Turf Lawn Artificial Turf Lawn has evolved tremendously over the last ten years.  The latest generation of artificial grass lawns consist of mono-fillament blades about 1 3/4 long with a shorter thatch that serves as a foundation to hold the blades erect and also provided certain color variations that allow for a more natural look.  These products are the most popular products being installed today.

Artificial Turf Lawn
demonstrate over and over how it can save water but also provide an aesthetic beauty that cannot be compromised by any natural outside factors.  It is the perfect solutions of Kids, Pets and Playgrounds.  We estimate that there are over 1000,000 residential artificial grass lawns in the los angeles and orange county market. 

The pricing for this product has varied tremendously with artificial grass lawns from china now entering the marketplace.  Buyer beware of the low cost product and installation.  There is nothing worse than an failed artificial grass lawn product in your beautifial backyard or even worse, front yard.  Prices should be around $8.00 - $12 per square foot for a high quality artificial Turf Lawn. Artificial Turf Lawn
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"We were fighting constantly to keep our yard looking nice, but our dog would persistently burn the lawn. After the fifth time of replacing the sod, HomeTurf introduced their “peturf” product to us and we have never been happier with our yard"
Castillo Family - Whittier

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Cleaning Artificial Turf

HomeTurf is an expert providing cleaning artificial turf maintenance programs for your family.

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Environmentally Friendly

HomeTurf provides an artificial grass alternative choice to natural grass and their environmental costs.

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Hypoallergenic Artificial Turf

HomeTurf Artificial grass gives your kids the ability to safely play on your synthetic grass lawn worry free!

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Artificial Pet Turf

Provides pet owners the luxury of beautiful artificial grass every day! No yellowing, no burning, little maintenance.

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