Turf Education: Durafill Turf Education

Durafill is our exclusive infill system constructed of a pet-resistant coated silica. Unlike Natural Silica (Sand) infill that absorbs pet urine, DURAFILL is not porous thereby resisting the unpleasant odors associated with our dogs and cats. Available as an option and recommended for pet runs.

Durafill is the only synthetic turf infill that has been proven to be antimicrobial. Durafill inhibits the growth and survival of micro-organisms. Current practice for synthetic turf infills are a breeding ground for a variety of harmful bacteria, specifically: Staphylococcus. Naturally hydrophobic, Durafill repels moisture and therefore deprives micro-organisms what they need to survive.

Unlike other infill technologies, Durafill is free from heavy metals, waste, steel and fiberglass byproducts. Durafill is colored and sealed silicon dioxide (SiO2), it is free from dust and is non-toxic.

Additional Information for Durafill in Athletic Field Applications

The rounded, uniformly sized beads reduce abrasiveness by up to 50 % while maintaining optimal traction for athletic performance. Our special clear acrylic coating creates a lubricating effect, reducing the likelihood of scrapes and turf burns to the athlete. Abrasion is not only hazardous to the athlete, but also cuts and wears the fiber, shortening the life span of the synthetic turf.

It has been tested to prove that the use of Durafill can reduce the ultimate temperature of a synthetic turf field. Many studies show a synthetic field can reach temperatures from 150-175°. Testing shows using Durafill can reduce the temperature from 20- 50%. This temperature reduction will protect your athletes and maximize the use of your investment.

Unlike current infill technologies Durafill will not compact or densify, your field will maintain a consistent Gmax. ESS’s rounded; uniformly-sized Durafill will provide long term Gmax performance by resisting compaction even under the most rigorous playing activities.

Technical Data

Chemical Composition: (99.6 Silicone Dioxide)(Iron Oxide & Acrylic)
Dust: <0.1%
Angle Of Response: <30 Deg.
Flammability: non-flammable
Size: 1.0mm
Melting Point: 2880 Deg. C
Roundness: .6+
Hardness: .6 - .8 Mohs Scale


Type of Test Durafill Rubber
Microbiological Analysis/Absorption
(Spore Growth After Contamination)
.007% or negligible 81.82%
Abrasiveness ASTM1015 17 31.9
Flammability Test
Radiant Panel ATSME - 648 NFPA253 & FTM372
Best Possible
Will Not Pass
Shoe Traction ATSM F1551
(Dry Football)
(Wet Football)
Sunlight Test
(Temp. After 250W Heat Lamp 30 Min.)
93.62 F 141.88 F
Heavy Metal Test
(Method 6010 & 7470)
None Heavy Metals Zinc
API Turbidity Test For Dust 23.5 335

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