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How To Clean Artificial Grass by the Pro's!

[ Photo ] DalmationArtificial grass cleaning and maintenance for Pet Turf owners takes on a little different approach due to the urine odor and contamination factor.

There are a series of artificial grass disinfectants or urine odor eliminators that can be used and are available to renew and deodorize your artificial lawn, BioTurf sold by Turfresh.com seems to be the one product that leads in the category of cleaning artificial grass.

These specialized products for dog owners facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of your Peturf artificial grass system. SynPro, who is an authorized BioTurf Applicator knows that Artificial Turf for dogs has special needs for maintenance. Because of this knowledge, SynPro specialize in neutralizing the odor invader using BioTurf organic "enzymatic cleaning" process. We figured out how to let nature do the work in such a way that will not hurt pets or kids.

As every dog owner experiences, what a dog eats and drinks through the mouth usually exits from the back and hopefully where it’s supposed to be. Defecation materials, or Dog PooP, spit and pee and other biological “contamination” can be deposited by your dogs on the artificial turf. Just like any surface around your site, artificial grass needs some regular attention to keep it clean, fresh and safe for your family, friends and customers.

SynPro’s specialty is taking care of these very specific types of customers and we have been doing it for over ten years. Dog droppings can be picked up just as you would with regular grass. The difference is that regular grass has high and low spots that can hide those droppings. You can then simply rinse off with a hose. Some of our kennel customers buy our Pet Disinfecting product line to sanitize their common areas, but this isn't usually enough for regular residential applications. We use BioTurf by Turfresh which is a special custom formulated product that is manufactured with artificial grass and pets in mind. Our product, which is specific to the artificial grass industry is a complete odor enzyme neutralization coupled with complete disinfecting with a pleasant odor to ensure that clean is there.

Here’s How BioTurf by TurFresh Works…..

Once the TurFresh is applied, the special enzymatic formula breaks down odor-causing bacteria, absorbs into the area, then eliminates the odor and returns the polyethylene grass to its original germ-free make-u!

Immediately after spraying, TurFresh leaves behind a "Tracer Scent" that helps you know where TurFresh has been sprayed. A short time after the Tracer Scent will disappear. The special tracer elements within TurFresh remove the odor-causing agents and then dissipate into the atmosphere, producing a safe environment without leaving any harmful, lingering effects to pets or children.

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