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Maintenance consists of keeping the green free of debris, which can best be done with a low speed leaf blower. SynPro will roll your green once a year with a water-filled roller, compact if any base has changed pitch.  If you wish for us to measure your putting greens performance with a stimpmeter, we can do that as well.  If you have a pet some of the previous mentioned services would apply. 

Often, these putting greens do not get used as often as one would think and with time they get dirty, dingy, smelly and sometimes just too hard to react like a real artificial turf putting green.  Putting green cups become brittle and begin to crack and shrink as well as flags become old and ugly.  This is where we come in and rejuvenate the entire surface to a like new appearance.

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SynPro Maintains artificial grass for several daycare facilities schools.  Daycare centers, whether privately or publicly run, must adhere to standards set by local laws and ordinances, created by city, county, state and federal government. Standards and guidelines are set to ensure the safety and protection of all daycare center students, teachers, visitors and attendants. To provide the best products and services to the daycare community, SynPro is constantly looking and researching, how we can make synthetic grass and artificial turf manufacturers the best alternative to natural grass. We also work with manufacturers to discuss new technologies in Slip resistant yarns, anti-microbial materials, increasing yarn softness and resiliency, reducing surface abrasiveness and temperatures and improving fall zone safety and durability are all key to great daycare center solutions. Synpro can help you achieve each one of these goals in order to keep these young souls safe as each parent would want.

Other key elements that lend to the success of synthetic grass used in daycare are the reduction of insects, elimination of dangerous chemicals and allergens, engine noise and pollution. The turf areas are of greater value because they can be used even during rainy weather without worrying about damaging the surfaces!

Synthetic turf can handle grand amounts of high traffic, play sets, gym classes and other activities. Turf in highly used, commercial applications will require additional attention to grooming and maintenance; sanitation of the surfaces can be completed quite effectively with vinegar and water, “green” cleaners, degreasers and other approved cleaning fluids commonly used in facilities today.

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Artificial Pet Turf Odor

Pet Turf offers the luxury of beautiful artificial grass every day! No yellowing, no burning, but it does need to be cleaned.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our services include all TurFresh product lines; all natural, eco-friendly, kid and pet safe.

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Hypoallergenic Turf Cleaning

Turf Cleaning gives your kids the ability to safety play on your turf worry free!

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Turf Cleaning Services

We are experts in providing effective turf cleaning services for over 10 year with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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