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Sports Fields: sports field artificial grass maintenance or rejuvenation – designed for artificial grass installations for sports field applications and for installations done more than two years ago using earlier generations of artificial grass and/or using silica sand and crumb rubber infill’s.

Sports Guidelines

These basic maintenance procedures will ensure compliance with your sports field installer’s warranty and keep your field in the best possible condition. Each manufacture should have their recommended frequency on each maintenance activity along with steps to follow.  Be careful to sue overly aggressive maintenance techniques without professional assessments.  This can tremendously lower  the lifespan of your artificial turf field.

There are 5 basic maintenance operations that all artificial turf sports fields require.  Magnet Sweep, Blooming, Aerating, Raking and Sweeping.

Magnet Sweep:

Removes all metal contaminants that can injure an athlete or student.


Rejuvenates the matted fibers and levels the top portion of the infill.


Minimizes risk of slight compaction, by penetrating and loosening the infill with rotating tines.  This keeps drainage at optimal levels.


Prevents fibers from matting down and ensures infill is  loosened.


Ensures debris doesn't get into the infill.

There are other artificial turf field maintenance procedures customers should pay close attention to.


Inspection of line markings and seams: 

If your lines are not painted but sewed in, these lines are the weakest part of your field.  Close attention needs to be made to the periodic inspection.  If the artificial turf lines come apart, call us immediately to repair them.

Infill topdressing:

For high traffic areas such as the middle of the field, in front of soccer and lacross goals, sidelines and the middle of the field between the football hash marks, rubber may need to be added to the top layer of infill.  Mostly, to ensure GMAX tolerances.  GMAX TESTING SHOULD BE DONE ONCE A YEAR.  These tests should cost around $1500.00, but its cheap insurance.  Students and athletes safety when it comes to fields is a critical piece of maintenance and should not be taken lightly. Most schools do not take this part of maintenance into consideration.  

Benefits of embracing artificial grass maintenance programs

  • Extends product life
  • Improves and/or maintains aesthetic quality and performance of your artificial grass
  • Improves fall test ratings/Gmax performance
  • Safer athletic play with reduced joint impact injuries
  • Protection from / reduction of bacteria, microbes, algae, mold, and fungal proliferation

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