Turf Maintenance

How SynPro Cleans Artificial Turf

The following is included in all of our synthetic turf cleaning service agreements

* Coordinated Convenient Appointment

* Turf Damage-Repair Inspections

* Magnet sweeper    

* Final Conditioning of area

* Liability Insurance 

* Contractor’s License

* Over 3000  turf clients served          

* Professional Artificial Turf Equipment 

* Inspection of Turf seams

* Application of Odor Enzyme Sanitizer

* Artificial Turf Weed Removal

* Workman’s Compensation

*  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

*  In Artificial Turf since 1999


Blooming of the Artificial Turf blades

This accomplishes a couple of artificial turf cleaning or rejuvenation objectives; cleaning the blades but also standing the blades back up to keep that natural look of artificial turf as long as possible.  There is a point where the blades will just lay back down, but that could be reflective of an artificial grass product that has ran its life expectancy. 

This process also removes contaminated infill along with any debris such as dog hair, shrubbery, rocks etc. on the turf.  

Benefits of this artificial turf cleaning process is the increased turf drainage, reduces dog hair allergies, increased artificial turf longevity and rejuvenation of artificial turf yarns vibrant turf color.
The fibers in the artificial turf serve as a large brush and as you can see in the first photo dog hair builds up and can actually prevent your artificial grass from draining properly.  Some clients suffer from hair allergies and if your pet's hair is accumulated in the turf, this can just make the reaction worse.  

TurFresh Sanitizing/Pet Odor Removal 

We subsequently over saturate the artificial turf to clean and remove any residual settled water, urine or any contaminates.  Wetting the turf sufficiently is critical for the next step.  This also allows us to perform a visual drainage test.  If an area does not drain well we perform a more elaborate turf draining test to measure performance.  Artificial Grass should drain at 7 gallons per minute.  Anything less than that can create problems.

Our Artificial Turf Pet Odor removal step actually works with the moisture on the blades of artificial turf.  Our sanitizer actually uses the water as a conveyer and feeder to the enzymes that eat away at the cause of the artificial turf pet odor.  Elements in the artificial turf sanitizer also kill bacteria and leave your turf with a pleasant odor.  The application of our artificial turf bacteria fighting chemical, cleaner and deodorizer ensures that your artificial grass or turf is clean and odor free. 

Synpro takes the approach that our artificial turf pet odor target is more comprehensive than just eliminating a smell. Our TurFresh germicide product targets the full spectrum of invaders that kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The most important ingredient in our product is quaternary ammonium chloride compounds or Quats. A bio-active stabilized bacterial spores that use enzymes to break down and remove animal organic compounds.


Turf Repairs

After our initial inspection of the artificial turf area we will provide recommendation for any seam repairs we discover.    Often, when seams are glued and exposed to moisture on a daily basis, the glue tends to breakdown causing seams to become compromised.  We will take the time to repair the artificial turf seam to a better than original condition.


Magnet sweep

In order for SynPro to safety remove metal contamination to clean artificial grass, we use a large commercial grade magnet to sweep the artificial turf.  This process eliminates any metal parts that may be in the artificial grass.  This measure can prevent injury to children and pets via a screw, pin, needle, etc.

Artificial Turf Granules

This product is a non-toxic biodegradable powder that neutralizes the smell of urine in turf.  We apply this product at an additional cost, however it’s a one-time application and customers are raving about it. 


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