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Perfect for Pet Owners

Our Peturf™… System..is the answer to a pet owners prayers!

Pet Turf artificial grass system, offered by CleanTurf gives homeowners with Dogs the luxury of having a beautiful artificial grass lawn every day!


Many of CleanTurf's Pet Turf artificial grass system looks just like the real thing, so much so that it has been used in many set designs for both television and film. Its realistic feel and appearance will keep you completely satisfied, and its authentic texture and ability to keep its natural beauty all year round with very little maintenance.

Do you own a dog, cat or any other pet that does their business on your grass? More than one dog? How about a kennel full? Not to worry because CleanTurf has the ability to keep your artificial grass clean and bacteria free for you to enjoy.  Our customized pet turf cleaning process ensures a fun, and most importantly, a safe turf environment for you, your kids and pets.  Our products that we apply will finally put a stop to nasty odors recognized by neighbors and guests. 

The best part is how effective and easy it is to clean with our very own TurFresh BioS+ and BioFill pet turf cleaning products.  The product is made and formulated locally by a turf expert of over 20 years.  Our pet system cleaning service guarantees results.  Doggy Day Care Centers as well as animal shelters, and ranches love our products and services because of the way it makes their facilities very receptive.


Now that we have informed you about our awesome turf cleaning services and amazing industry leading products, let's talk about  our BioFill infill products that provide ballast which not only keeps the blades upright but also protects the backing from UV ray damage, provides a soft playable surface for your pets and kids when blended with our anti-microbial coated silica sand infill and also instantly neutralizes your pets urine.   This product is includes in our service packages.


Some jobs have Draincore installed and this is designed to ensure adequate drainage for your synthetic turf. It came to the forefront of turf technology in replacement of stone and metal pipes. DrainCore is a perforated backing that provides an additional drain system to our already perforated turf. The water will flow through this backing at a significantly higher rate than a pipe or stone drain system and is significantly easier to install.  We do not recommend installing this system for pets due to the fact that it simply takes too much water to properly flush an entire turf system adequately and most homeowners don’t have the time or do not want to waste the money performing this task.

Each step of our system compliments the other to create the perfect combination for great looking and fresh smelling artificial grass.


We use the most innovative enzyme Bio-augmentation cleaning technology.  BioTurf does just that–it keeps your turf fresh! It’s the perfect concentrated solution for artificial turf pet owners who want to avoid lingering smells caused by their furry friends. When applied directly to your pre-soaked artificial grass, BioTurf’s BioS+ enzymes break down odor-causing bacteria hiding in the turf.  It’s an organic solution that’s safe for pets, children and the whole family. Keep your pet turf smelling pleasant with BioTurf.


Our Artificial grass pet turf cleaning service is very unique. There is no doubt artificial grass cleaning will beautify your home, but the most important aspect of this type of cleaning is the future value performance. Unlike many synthetic grass maintenance or cleaning companies, we are an authorized   Los Angeles and Orange County TurFresh and BioTurf Dealer.  We understand that pet urine can and will create unwanted odors that will turn your new synthetic lawn into an unpleasant experience. This is why it is important to make sure the urine does not bond with the turf backing.  

"We were fighting constantly to keep our yard looking nice, but our dog would persistently burn the lawn. After the fifth time of replacing the sod, CleanTurf introduced their “peturf” product to us and we have never been happier with our yard"
Castillo Family - Whittier

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Artificial Pet Turf Odor

Pet Turf offers the luxury of beautiful artificial grass every day! No yellowing, no burning, but it does need to be cleaned.

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Our services include all TurFresh product lines; all natural, eco-friendly, kid and pet safe.

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Turf Cleaning gives your kids the ability to safety play on your turf worry free!

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Turf Cleaning Services

We are experts in providing effective turf cleaning services for over 10 year with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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