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If you’re looking for artificial turf for playgrounds, then you’ll want our playground grass. This synthetic lawn product for backyards and commercial areas is a great protector for kids.  When it comes to the safety of children while using a play structure, we do not take shortcuts.  Fall injuries from play structures can be a menacing risk if not addressed correctly by the right company.  Hometurf uses a specific artificial turf products, and an underlying GMAX shock pad to help keep your family safe and provide protection against falls, cuts, and abrasions.  Home Turf artificial turf playground installations include a product engineered and designed for use as an impact layer beneath the already soft artificial turf layer. 

The GMAX padding is one inch thick and is manufactured from materials composed of a closed cell polyethylene foam from recycled packaging material for use under the artificial grass product layer.  This foam pad reduces the need for substantial excavation and provides a drainage layer beneath the artificial turf grass.  Your underfoot will feel as if you were walking on the moon due to the very soft and bouncy sensation.  Be assured that with a CleanTurf playground, your child will be playing on the safest playground grass turf on earth.  It is also a popular option for non-playground residential installations as an upgrade. 

The following are some key advantages to our system:

  • Superior impact absorption
  • No more grass allergies or grass stains
  • No mud to track in
  • No animal or insect problems because it isn’t organic material
  • 25 year life expectancy so it will last long enough for your kids, future kids to play on it also
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria or mold


If there are pets involved, we can also incorporate additional draincore artificial turf drainage system to manage the possible contamination from pets.

Home Turf Playground artificial grass is a safe, clean, and long term solution for your residential or commercial turf playground application.  It looks a lot better and is superior in many ways to wood chips or pour-in-place rubber.  Installation of the artificial turf, Home Turf Playground system is performed by certified synthetic grass installers who have had hands on training from the national authority on artificial grass playground surfaces.  Give your children the gift of a Home Turf Playground today and rest assured that they will be safe for their entire childhood.  


"We want to preserve our oceans so when we realized that we can reduce our use of water with CleanTurf and in turn reduce the amount of our runoff into our oceans our decision was easy."
John Paradise - Newport Beach

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